US to Send Kyiv Weapons, Military Advisors Due to ‘Russia Threat’

Amidst the numerous reports of a build-up of Russian troops and hardware near the border with Ukraine, the White House is allegedly considering sending military advisers and advanced weaponry to Kyiv, CNN claimed on Tuesday.

The discussion over sending the lethal aid package follows Ukraine’s public warnings that an invasion could happen as soon as January, with the US officials also preparing allies for the possibility of another Russian invasion.

While the US is prepared to send military advisers into the region, it is unclear if any of them would go into Ukraine itself

Citing its customary unnamed sources, CNN points that the package could include new Javelin anti-tank and anti-armor missiles as well as mortars and air defense systems, such as stinger missiles, but Biden’s administration is also considering dispatching unused Russian-made Mi-17 helicopters – initially bought by Washington to be transferred to the Afghan Army- for use by Ukrainian forces.

Yet, many in the administration have raised concerns that sending stingers and helicopters could be seen by Russia as a major escalation, which has already proved to be true.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned on Tuesday that the decision of ‘some Western countries’ to send military advisers and military aid to Ukraine could lead to an escalation of tensions, blasting at the same time as absurd reports claiming that Moscow is allegedly planning to “invade” Ukraine.

He also raised concerns about Ukrainian military activity “on the line of contact” and highlighted the urgent need of Kyiv implementing the Minsk agreements since Moscow believes that the provocative actions of the Ukrainian armed forces and preparations for a possible military solution is an attempt to resolve the Donbass problem by force.

Peskov stressed that the Western media’s multiple reports on the alleged “invasion” are a mere targeted information campaign aimed at raising tensions in the region.

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