Ukrainians Denied Entry to UK Despite Visas

Ukrainians trying to flee their home country are being denied entry into the United Kingdom despite being eligible for visas. UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is under fire after minimal changes were made to visa rules for Ukrainians hoping to seek refuge in the UK.

British citizens trying to bring family members into the UK are dealing with massive bureaucracy issues despite the new rules being announced, showing how little the new rules did to change things. 

Ukrainian families are being stranded in France as they try to cross the channel into Britain. 

The UK government has claimed that the country has a “proud history” of providing protection to those in need, but their action has not held up to these words, according to experts in war, refugees, and law. 

Johnson now faces a lot of criticism. UK government response has been called shameful. 

On Sunday, Downing Street announced little changes to the visa process, after pressure has been mounting for days for the government to provide wide-ranging visa waivers for Ukrainians seeking sanctuary. The Home Office has failed to do so. 

No 10 said in a statement that people settled in the UK should be able to bring Ukrainian family members to join them. But Ukrainians stranded in other countries have asked where this change in law is. 

The Home Office’s guidance was published, saying that actually, close family members would not be covered by updated rules. 

Visas being issued for free only can go to spouses, unmarried partners of at least two years, parents or their children if one of them is under the age of 18, or relatives who are considered carers. 

The announcement has been massively criticized as “woefully inadequate.” 

It has also been pointed out that the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said she supports people from the UK going to Ukraine to fight against Russia, yet the UK won’t allow most Ukrainians into their country to be safe. 

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