Syria’s Vice Foreign Minister Slams US ‘Terrorist War’ in UNGA Address

Syria’s vice foreign minister Bassam Sabbagh accused the US of creating “American chaos” and destabilization in the Middle East by launching its “terrorist war” in Syria.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Sabbagh, who previously served as Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, stressed that the policies of successive US administrations only served Washington’s geopolitical and selfish interests and worked to ignite tensions and then conflicts by creating and exaggerating problems in the targeted area.

In order to justify attacks committed against other countries’ sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, the US has misinterpreted the UN Charter, he argued, stressing that such policy has led to Washington spending billions of dollars to destroy development achievements Syria made over decades.

He pointed to the clear violation of this charter describing the US’s illegal military presence in his country, which is a sovereign state, and the ‘acquisition of the lands by force’, which represents de facto occupation, as well as illegal use of Syrian natural reserves.

According to Sabbagh, Syria’s oil sector has suffered $115 billion in losses since 2011 caused by the US, which also plundered other Syrian national wealth, including gas and wheat, and appealed to the UN to hold the US accountable for the looted money, demanding its return to Syria.

Sabbagh added that the US can also be blamed for the emergence of terrorist groups such as Daesh and Al-Nusra Front, which are a result of the “creative American chaos”.

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