DHS’s Mayorkas Grilled Over ‘Cages’ for Migrant Kids at Southern Border

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz grilled on Tuesday Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the alleged “Biden cages” that migrant children have been held in at the US-Mexico border.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Cruz asked the DHS chief how many children have been in the ‘Biden cages’ in 2021, prompting Mayorkas to defend, underscoring that he disagrees with the use of the term ‘cages.’

Despite Mayorkas disagreeing with the term, Cruz reiterated his question, telling him that he has personally seen the Biden cages at Texas’ Donna tent facility built to hold kids.

After continuing to insist he refuses the use of the term “cages” in regard to the migrant detention facilities at the border and repeatedly emphasizing the Border Patrol station is not a place for children, Mayorkas eventually admitted he’s not aware of the precise number of children in such facilities.

After sharing earlier in the spring a photo taken at the Donna migrant processing facility in Texas showing youngsters jammed into pens, Sen. Cruz has not missed a single chance to criticize the DHS chief and the Biden administration for holding illegal underage migrants in such horrendous conditions.

The photograph taken and presented showed children sleeping on floors, crashed in upon each other, in a time when the COVID-19 infection rate was over 10%.

Mayorkas also hesitated for quite a while to answer how many times has President Biden been down to see firsthand the ‘cages’ in this facility in the past year but eventually admitted that neither President Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris has visited the border themselves.

Sen. Cruz went on to claim that none of the Democratic legislators had ever ‘gave a damn’ to visited the border and see first hand the results of their failed immigration policies, to which Mayorkas objected noting that that, to his knowledge, senators had visited both CBP facilities and the border.

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