Biden Rejects Calls for Abolishing Filibuster, Argues it Can Throw Congress in Chaos

US President Joe Biden dismissed the calls for abolishing the filibuster in order to smooth the way for passing the broad elections overhaul supported by Democrats, Fox News informed.

The president argued that any attempt or effort to end the use of this method despite the GOP outcry would put in jeopardy his whole legislative agenda.

He explained that ending this method would throw US Congress into chaos and then nothing will be done, adding that the most important thing is the right to vote.

Biden revealed his position at a CNN presidential town hall when Don Lemon, a moderator, pressured the President to clarify why he did not make an attempt to abolish the filibuster.

Calls for the filibuster to be abolished have escalated since June, especially among progressives, when Republicans from the Senate filibustered the “For The People Act” because Democrats did not secure 60 votes that were required in order to overcome that filibuster.

President Biden is an eager supporter of the bill, considering it as a needed check on the election integrity legislation in Republican-led states which the president dubbed as “Jim Crow in 21st century.”

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