Biden Says Insufficient Wages Are the Reason for Hiring Shortages

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday stated that the insufficient wages are the reason why some of the working-class industries are faced with shortages in the hiring segment, Fox News informed.

Biden explained that many of the people that previously worked in the hospitality sector as waiters and waitresses decided to change their jobs and look for opportunities at higher wages.

He also pointed out that whether at a restaurant or in a factory, people want to look for better opportunities and change what they are currently doing.

Biden answered a question at the CNN town hall from a restaurateur who asked about the nationwide deficiency in the hiring segment.

He argued that the reason behind that is simple: employees want to earn more money and bargain.

The president made a suggestion that waiters and waitresses that earned $7 or $8 an hour now changed their positions in order to pursue jobs where they can make $15 an hour.

Biden also mentioned that working 40 days a week and earning less than $15 will make you earn below the poverty level. 

However, waiters and waitresses can earn up tips which can increase their hourly rate and can even amount to over $15.

Biden wanted to address an argument by Republican lawmakers who claimed that shortages in hiring persist in the United States, due to the social stimulus programs on the federal level which were delivered in the wake of the pandemic.

Biden said that they are going to end the things that keep people back from returning to work.

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