India’s Foreign Minister Claims Ukraine Not Invited to G20

India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar stressed on Wednesday that no invitation for the G20 summit in New Delhi has been extended to Kyiv, reiterating New Delhi’s position on Ukraine’s potential participation at the event in September.

Jaishankar stated that in addition to G20 member states that include Russia, his country has invited to the high-profile gathering of leaders of the world’s major economies Spain, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mauritius, Egypt, the Netherlands, Oman, Singapore, and the UAE, but not Ukraine.

The foreign minister explained that New Delhi’s position on Kyiv’s participation stems from the fact that the primary focus of G20 fostering growth and development, noting that it’s the role of the UN Security Council to address matters of conflict resolution.

Since Ukraine took part in the previous G20 summit in Indonesia, Kyiv officials responded to Jaishankar’s remarks, pointing out that they have been working on securing an invitation for the summit along with Ukraine’s partners.

According to Ukraine’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, Nikolay Tochitsky, Ukraine believes that by pulling out of the Black Sea Grain Agreement, Moscow has raised a significant challenge for economies around the world.

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