Not Enough Ballistic Missiles for Ukraine, Says FT

The US does not make enough tactical ballistic missiles to supply Ukraine with the numbers that would make a significant difference in its counteroffensive on the battlefield, US officials say as quoted by Financial Times.

On top of that, as they claim, Washington is holding back the advanced long-range missiles Kyiv seeks due to concerns that their supply could escalate the conflict with Russia.

The British newspaper also cited several experts who question whether such weaponry could help Ukraine achieve a major breakthrough at all with Samuel Charap, a senior political scientist at Rand Corporation, pointing out that Kyiv’s insistence on long-range missiles is misplaced since they’re not magic wands that will remove hurdles that Ukrainian forces are currently: the minefields and entrenched Russian defenses.

Several unnamed American officials are warning that Washington could also shrink the extent of US military aid as the 2024 presidential election looms with Trump’s possible reelection adding a thick layer of uncertainty considering his repeated pledges to end the war.

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