US Special Envoy for Iran to visit Moscow, Paris this week

The US Special Representative for Iran’s Affairs Iran Robert Malley has embarked on a short working trip to Moscow and Paris from 7-10 September where he’ll consult with the Russian and European partners on Iran’s nuclear program as well as the urgent need to reach an agreement on  Washington and Tehran’s return to compliance with the JCPOA, the US Embassy in Moscow informed Wednesday.

Malley is to meet Russian officials in Moscow on Wednesday and Thursday, and British, French, German and EU officials in Paris on Friday but the talks would allegedly not be focused on next week’s meeting of the board of governors of the IAEA.

The focus of the meeting will be on the nuclear diplomacy with Iran while Iran’s nuclear program continues to advance, and on what their approach would be if and when they conclude that Iran is not interested in a return to the deal or envisages a return on terms unacceptable to Washington.

Former President Trump has withdrawn from JCPOA and reimposed some of the sanctions to Tehran, prompting the Islamic Republic to violate many of the restrictions it has agreed to limit within its nuclear activity in return for lifting sanctions.

Negotiation talks have been going on in Vienna since April between Iran and the five involved countries (Russia, UK, China, France and Germany) with an aim to restore the original nuclear deal which would imply US return to the accord, removal of US sanctions imposed on Iran and Iran’s compliance with nuclear obligations.

JCPOA signatories’ representatives are also holding separate consultations with the US delegation without Iran’s participation though, according to the US officials, Washington still does not know when talks on reviving the deal might resume.

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