US ‘Biggest Destabilizing Factor in the World’, China Warns Singapore

Although Beijing continuously voices its desire for dialogue and mutually beneficial relationships, Washington has cast it as the villain in Southeast Asia, presenting itself as the defender of international law and the rights of smaller nations while choosing military standoff to any dispute it faces.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed this yesterday while warning Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that by choosing the US as its biggest geopolitical partner the city-state would be partnering a never-ending source of chaos and instability.

Wang told Lee that out of its motive to maintain unipolar hegemony, Washington is unwilling to see the development and revitalization of China and other emerging countries.

He pointed out to Taiwan’s independence condones and supports trying to push over China’s red lines, on the one hand, and coercing other countries into unilateral protectionism against China, tearing away any pretense of fair competition, on the other hand.

Wang underscored that this will only damage Washington’s own credibility, proving once again what China has been claiming for years- that the US has become the biggest destabilizing factor in the world.

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