Biden brands China a ‘ticking time bomb’ over ‘internal tensions’

President Joe Biden was talking about “internal tensions” inside China when he referred to it as a “ticking time bomb”, the White House said on Friday explaining the president’s statement.

Originally made during a political fundraiser in Utah, Biden’s comments were initially made with regard to China’s economic challenges such as the slowed economic growth, aging workforce, and high unemployment though he misstated several facts.

Biden pointed out that China’s growth decreased from 8 percent a year to closer to 2 percent a year, which means it’s in trouble and when bad folks have problems, as the US president said, they tend to do bad things.

He also slammed Beijing’s BRI which, according to him, leaves developing countries laden with debt.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby later additionally explained this statement, noting that the US is worried about the ways China interacts with the world due to internal tensions: bullying, coercing, and intimidating countries around the world.

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