Washington Condemns Ukraine’s Drone Attacks on Moscow

The US does not support attacks inside Russia, the White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters after being asked about the two Ukrainian drones that damaged buildings in Moscow on Monday.

While noting that, as a general matter, the White House does not support the attacks, Jean-Pierre reiterated that this is a war that Russia started and that it can end it at any time by withdrawing its troops from Ukraine’s territory.

While nobody was hurt in the most high-profile attack in Moscow since May, when two drones reached the Kremlin, Moscow vowed to take harsh retaliatory measures against Kyiv’s brazen act of terror.

A senior Ukrainian official later said there would be more attacks, noting that the fact that one of the drones struck close to Russia’s defense headquarters underscores the reach of those drones.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defence Ministry informed that a swarm of 17 drones also launched attacks overnight on Crimea that struck an ammunition warehouse and damaged a residential building.

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