Quran Set Alight Again in Front of Iraq’s Embassy in Denmark

In the latest in a string of such incidents to draw outrage in the Muslim world, the Quran was set alight by two protestors in a tray next to an Iraqi flag during today’s protest in front of Iraq’s Embassy in Copenhagen.

It was the second such protest in days outside Iraq’s mission in Copenhagen and Iraq’s Foreign Ministry condemned it “in strict terms,” calling on the EU members to quickly reconsider the right to demonstrate as well as the so-called freedom of expression.

Based in the UAE, the Muslim Council of Elders also condemned the burning of the Quran by the Danish extremists, reiterating it unequivocally rejects such heinous acts that provoke all Muslims and stressing that such racist actions reflect vile extremism, blind fanaticism, and abhorrent hatred which only serve to undermine global efforts to promote peace and coexistence.

Amid anger at the Nordic countries for condoning protests where the Quran is burned, including the last week’s storming of Sweden’s embassy in Baghdad, Danish diplomatic staff had left Baghdad on Monday, Iraqi officials said.

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