South Carolina Becomes Ground Zero For Republican Hopefuls

Former President Donald Trump may not be Nikki Haley’s biggest obstacle for the White House. 

Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is set to officially launch her campaign for the White House next week. 

It will make her the second candidate to throw their name into the ring for the republican nomination for 2024. 

Her former boss from when she was ambassador to the United Nations, former president Donald Trump, stands aggressively in the path between her and the White House. 

But more political uncertainty awaits Haley. 

Sen. Tim Scott, a fellow South Carolinian, could also launch a campaign. The possibility that Scott may enter the race as well is perhaps the trickiest hurdle for Haley to navigate. 

Scott is actively making calls to allies as he weighs his own presidential run. 

South Carolina is emerging as an early battleground in the Republican presidential primary as a parade of potential White House hopefuls zeros in on the state. 

Trump traveled already to the state capital Columbia last month to roll out his South Carolina leadership team. Haley is expected to make her presidential run announcement from Charleston next week. And Scott will launch his listening tour with an event from Charleston. 

Former Vice President Mike Pence also initially planned two stops in the state this week. 

The earlier-than-usual state visits may in part be a reaction to Trump’s early 2024 announcement, experts have said. 

South Carolinians may also be in a unique position to choose between two candidates from their turf should Haley and Scott both run.  

One hurdle that South Carolina Republicans are reportedly watching for is whether GOP contenders write off South Carolina in their campaigns given that Scott and Haley already have deep ties to the state.  

But Trump’s recently unveiled leadership team and Pence’s numerous visits to the state suggest that may not be a concern for possible contenders. 

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