Biden Attacks Republican ‘Dream’ to Slash Medicare and Social Security


President Joe Biden has vowed to protect social security and Medicare

Biden is championing his administration’s achievements, and has insisted that he will further protect the programs. 

At a speech on Thursday in Tampa, Florida, Biden discussed a Republican plan to end all federal programs, including social security and medicare. 

“I know that a lot of Republicans, their dream is to cut Social Security and Medicare,” Biden says.

“If that’s your dream, I’m your nightmare,” he said. 

Biden outlined his administration’s plan to safeguard the popular entitlement programs as part of an ongoing war of words with his Republican opponents that began during his second State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Ahead of an anticipated 2024 re-election campaign, the president has seen an opportunity to put Republicans on the defensive on an issue that resonates deeply with voters, and particularly seniors who rely on the programs and are a key part of their base.

Republican Senator Rick Scott from Florida released last year the plan to end all programs, saying they would expire every five years and need to be reauthorized to continue. 

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin has also threatened measures that would likely cut the programs. 

Biden also touted bipartisan accomplishments from his first two years in office. 

Biden discussed legislation on infrastructure, climate, gay marriage, social programs, and healthcare, as well as the strength of the American people. 

Biden wants to pass legislation to give “families and seniors just a little more breathing room”, he said. 

Florida has the highest percentage of seniors in any state. 

Taking a dig at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who may soon be running for president in 2024, Biden addressed healthcare policies. 

De Santis has effectively denied Floridians healthcare, Biden noted, by failing to sign on to the Affordable health care act’s Medicaid expansion provision.

“Over 1.1m people in Florida would be eligible for Medicaid if Governor De Santis would just agree to expand it,” Biden said.

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