FBI Contacted Twitter about Violating Accounts


According to fresh Twitter Files revealed on Friday, employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation frequently contacted Twitter employees to alert them about accounts that “may” violate the company’s terms of service, Fox News informed.

As part of the sixth chapter of the Twitter Files, journalist and substack writer Matt Taibbi posted various internal emails exchanged between Twitter employees and FBI personnel.

The email continued by listing a number of Twitter accounts that might be in violation of the terms of service of the social media platform, according to Fox News.

Three of the four accounts were suspended, a Twitter official responded.

According to the twitter employee, three of the accounts were suspended for multi-account abuse and ban evasion violations after they were already assessed from the TD standpoint.

The Twitter employee requested that another member of the firm examine the FBI’s fourth flagged account for “potential civic disinformation.”

According to Taibbi, one of the accounts tweeted on November 8 saying it was important for Republicans to vote on Wednesday, November 9, tomorrow.

The “Public Sector Engagement Squad” of the FBI’s San Francisco branch is shown in another email obtained by Taibbi alerting Twitter staff to “account behaviors” that “may constitute violations of Twitter’s Terms of Service.”

According to a tweet the FBI noticed “Vote, Americans, today. Democrats, please vote on Wednesday, September 9.”

According to another tweet that the FBI flagged in the email, one user “asserted in her comments that she works as a ballot counter in her state and, in other posts, states that she will add votes for democrats for every negative comments, adding that if someone is not wearing a mask their vote won’t be counted.

According to Taibbi, the user’s tweet in which they claimed to be a vote counter was sarcastic.

Additionally, Stacia Cardille, a former lawyer for Twitter, seemed to imply that the FBI could share sensitive information with the social media behemoth in a summary of her meeting with law enforcement on September 16, 2021, addressed to Jim Baker, Twitter’s former Deputy General Counsel.

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