North Carolina Court Overturns 2018 Voter ID law

On Friday, the North Carolina Supreme Court overturned a 2018 voter ID law on the grounds that it discriminates against citizens of the state, Fox News informed.

A lower state court already ruled in 2021 that the 2018 law, which requires citizens to show identity before casting a ballot, is unconstitutional.

The state Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s finding that the policy “was motivated by a racially discriminatory purpose” in its decision on Friday, according to Fox News.

Due to suspected Republican gerrymandering, the court also decided that the state Senate boundaries for North Carolina must be revised.

The two rulings were approved on a 4-3 party-line vote, with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans against.

In the coming year, there will be a significant upheaval on the North Carolina Supreme Court. The court will include five Republicans and two Democrats as of January, Fox News reports.

While not all states mandate a photo ID, more than two-thirds of American states demand some form of identification in order to vote.

Democrats claim that these regulations are intended to reduce the number of minorities and other groups who vote for their party and are more likely to lack proper identification.

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