Biden Faces Challenge in Ending Immigration Policies

Photo credit: Reuters

The Biden administration is currently experiencing legal difficulties as it prepares to face a possibly seismic halt to Title 42 expulsions. This week’s decision prevents the Biden administration from ending a Trump-era program that detained migrants in Mexico while they awaited immigration hearings, Fox News informed.

The termination of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), a Trump-era policy that involves returning migrants to Mexico while their cases were being processed, was postponed this week by a federal court in Texas. In an effort to prohibit the release of migrants into the interior, tent courts were erected along the border.

As a result of criticism from the Biden administration that the strategy was cruel and unproductive and forced migrants to camp in Mexico, the president tried to end it as soon as he took office. Early in 2021, when the strategy came to an end, there was a record-breaking and continuous rise in illegal immigration at the border.

The government was obliged to reinstate the policy after being sued by Texas and Missouri on the grounds that the administration’s reversal of the policy was illegal. The lawsuit was appealed to the US Supreme Court, which decided in favor of the administration and directed the lower court to consider whether the Biden administration’s memo terminating the program on October 29, 2021, was legal under Administrative Procedures Act.

In his decision this week, District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk prohibited the administration from terminating the program. Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of DHS, was “fully within his power to discontinue the past administration’s program,” a DHS official told Fox News Digital on Saturday.

Not all of the uncertainty surrounding MPP is related to the administration’s approach to immigration. That is a part of Title 42, which is currently set to expire on Wednesday and which many worry would spark a fresh flood of immigration to the United States.

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