GOP Under Pressure to Impeach Biden if They Win House, Rep. Mace Says

If they win back control of Congress in November’s midterm elections, Republican lawmakers will face pressure to impeach and oust President Joe Biden, Representative Nancy Mace has claimed in an NBC News interview.

After winning her primary election over a challenger backed by former President Donald Trump, Mace herself has a chance to retain her own seat in Congress. The South Carolina Republican, who describes herself as a conservative who works with Democrats, said that it is something that some folks are considering.

Voting to certify Biden’s victory in the 2020 election and criticizing Trump over the US Capitol riot she raised the Trump supporters’ ire.

Mace, however, voted ‘no’ back in January 2021 when Democrats impeached Trump for a second time because, as she explained, she believed Trump was stripped of his right to due process, adding that, under the same circumstance, she would also oppose Biden’s impeachment.

Commenting on the potential impeachment case against Biden, Mace said that before any vote she’d have to read how that bill is filed and what evidence there was, stressing she typically votes constitutionally, regardless of who’s in power, having in mind, above all, the future of democracy.

The first step toward impeaching Biden has already been taken by others in Mace’s conference with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filing articles of impeachment the day after Biden’s inauguration, accusing him of abuse of power.

Despite being aware that they won’t be able to force a vote in the Democrat-controlled House, GOP lawmakers have already filed two impeachment cases against Biden.

Four GOP lawmakers filed the latest articles of impeachment last week, pointing out Biden’s failure to secure the US borders, mishandling US forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan last year, and imposing an unconstitutional ban on evictions.

Arguing that the major parties need to work together, Mace called for building consensus on issues that matter most to voters.

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