Four GOP Representatives File New Articles of Impeachment against Biden

GOP lawmakers Bob Gibbs, Andy Biggs Brian Babin and Randy Weber have filed on Tuesday articles of impeachment against President Biden, citing his inept handling of the migrant crisis on US-Mexico border situation, the chaotic of US troops’ pullout of from Afghanistan and the attempt to expand the federal moratorium on evictions, The Washington Examiner reports.

Gibbs, who is leading the effort, tweeted about the introduction of the articles Tuesday night, saying it’s clear that President Biden is not up to the job and stressed it’s upon House Republicans “to call out his egregious violations of his oath of office”.

This is the second time articles of impeachment have been introduced pertaining to Biden after GOP Rep. Taylor Greene has done the same the day after Biden was sworn into office, showing  the process is becoming more common in today’s polarized House though, like in the first instance, won’t go far in a House where Democrats hold a slim majority.

During his four-year presidency, former President Donald Trump was impeached twice, but either time was not convicted by the Senate.

Republican representatives think that Biden has done “so much damage for the country”, accusing him of failing to act responsibly in Afghanistan and having “blood on his hands” and for violating his constitutional oath to faithfully execute his duties in southern border crisis.

They also accuse Biden of violating the separation of powers by extending the federal moratorium on evictions despite the US Supreme Court’s clear warning  and without legislative directive from the Congress.

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