Border’s Anything But Secure, Former Acting DHS Secretary Says

There is no operational control over the border and it is anything but secure, former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chad Wolf said discussing border security under President Biden on “Sunday Night in America”.

Wolf said he was pessimistic about the current state of border control following reports of violent crimes caused by illegal immigrants, a record number of border crossings, and even ongoing drug issues.

He pointed to the unlawful and uncontrolled migration coming across that border, underscoring the really astronomically high numbers of over 200,000 illegal apprehensions and over 900,000 got away this fiscal year while stressing that one can’t have control over the border if he doesn’t know who’s entering and who’s not.

According to Wolf, Border Patrol has so far in 2022 apprehended 68 known and suspected terrorists – 12 were apprehended in August alone- noting the numbers will continue to get worse.

He criticized the Biden administration for not enforcing the law and bringing deterrence into that system which results in illegal immigrants not being afraid of getting caught knowing they’ll be released into the country afterward and never removed.

As per Wolf, the real issue is what to do with overflowing shelters while the federal government moves migrants in their custody, justifying GOP governors which are moving illegal migrants out of their states to liberal cities – facing backlash from Democrats for that – after DHS running, in many instances, out of bed space and out of shelters to house these migrants in, like in Texas.

In these instances, DHS has allegedly released them onto the streets of El Paso, Brownsville, and McAllen where hundreds, maybe even thousands of migrants, as Gov. Abbott has claimed, are just sleeping on city streets, and wandering the streets.

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