Republicans Accuse Biden of Seeking $12 Billion in Aid for Ukraine

President Biden’s call for Congress to approve roughly $12 billion in additional aid to Ukraine this month is being questioned by Republicans, who are worried that the timing is intended to help Democrats ahead of the November midterm elections, Fox News informed.

GOP legislators are concerned that the White House is promoting the aid package despite the fact that some Republicans will oppose it in the absence of adequate accountability measures for how the money will be used.

On the campaign trail, they claim that such opposition will be employed to unfairly portray all Republicans as isolationists or cronies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

GOP members argue that Biden’s recent actions, particularly his attempts to portray MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy, must be considered in light of the timing of the funding request.

The funding request, according to a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, is solely based on what Ukraine requires on the battlefield to defend itself against Russian aggression.

By September 30 – the date by which the Congress must pass a government funding package or face a shutdown – Biden is asking lawmakers to approve $11.7 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine.

n addition to another $2 billion, the White House is requesting an additional $11.7 billion to address the effects that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had on the US energy supply.

Following the passage of $40 billion in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine by Congress in May, a new funding request has been made.

The amount included in the measure was $7 billion more than what the White House had originally estimated was required to keep Ukraine from collapsing.

Overall, 11 Republicans in the Senate and 57 Republicans in the House opposed the bill.

Many argued it lacked sufficient accountability procedures to prevent corruption.

Democrats stopped a last-minute attempt in the Senate to appoint an inspector general to supervise the aid.

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