Ohio Democratic Nominee Made Past Calls for Banning Gas Vehicles

Source: Fox News

Tim Ryan, a Democratic candidate for the Ohio Senate, once called for the outlawing of gas-powered vehicles and asserted that Americans are “doing something profoundly wrong” by delaying the outlawing of their use, Fox News informed.

Ryan, who unsuccessfully ran for president and presently sits in the 13th Congressional District of Ohio, made the comments in a 2019 interview following a Democratic primary presidential debate when he discussed a 2040 timeline set by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to phase out gas-powered automobiles.

A representative for Ryan’s Senate campaign, Jordan Fuja, asserted that Ryan’s remarks from 2019 were an effort to invest in “cheap electric vehicle production” in the state of Ohio and to bring jobs back to America.

JD Vance, a venture capitalist and the Republican candidate for Senate in Ohio, reacted to Ryan’s comments on banning gas-powered vehicles by telling Fox News Digital that Ryan is drastically disconnected from the needs of Ohioans and kept insisting that the suggested move would affect “thousands of workers” in the state.

Vance argued there was no climate crisis during an appearance on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show in July and referred to the Democrats’ campaign for electric vehicles as a “scam.”

A scorching heat wave in California has caused the state’s electricity usage to reach record highs. Ryan’s earlier comments have since surfaced.

As the state’s residents were being affected by the heat wave, the power grid operator in California issued a stage 3 energy emergency alert on Tuesday evening, warning that rotating power outages were “very possible.”

Around 5:45 p.m. local time, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) issued a warning, which lasted until around 8 p.m.

Energy efficiency “played a key influence in protecting electric system reliability,” according to the ISO.

According to powerotage.us, 67,000 Californians were without electricity as of Monday night, and more than 40,000 customers of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company throughout 28 counties were still without power.

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