White House Defends Biden’s Comparisons MAGA Mentality with ‘Semi-fascism’

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, was repeatedly pressed on Thursday to respond to President Biden’s comparison of the “extreme MAGA mentality” of former President Donald Trump to “semi-fascism,” Fox News informed.

When questioned on Thursday if the Biden administration was worried that it might be contributing to the division that the president was allegedly attempting to mend, Jean-Pierre responded that Biden would never hesitate to call out what he saw.

Jean-Pierre made an effort to make it clear that Biden was criticizing those hardline MAGA Republicans who are in positions of power.

The briefing came ahead of President Biden’s scheduled speech at Independence Hall later on Thursday. In a sharp departure from his inaugural address, in which he preached about national unity, President Biden is expected to raise the alarm about what he sees as “extremist” threats to American democracy.

Republicans view the heightened rhetoric as another proof that the White House does not speak for majority Americans.

Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, stated to FOX on Thursday that Joe Biden’s issue is that he does not get the essence of America.

What would Biden’s message be to Americans who still identified as Republicans or backed the former president Trump, a reporter questioned Jean-Pierre.

According to Jean-Pierre, “extremism” refers to behavior aimed towards a very limited segment of the American people and a very small subset of MAGA Republicans in Congress.

Biden’s approval rating is currently sitting at around 40%, up from his pitiful 33% approval rating in July, according to a Quinnipiac poll issued on Thursday.

Only one of Biden’s three visits to Pennsylvania within a week is to Philadelphia, demonstrating the state’s significance in the midterm elections given the tight races for governor and the Senate.

This weekend, Trump will hold a rally in Scranton, the city where Biden was born.

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