House Democrats not saying whether they concur with Biden that GOP is a threat to democracy

Democrats in the House who are up for re-election in the 2019 midterm elections are holding back on declaring whether they concur with President Biden’s assertion that “MAGA Republicans” pose a threat to American democracy, Fox News informed.

In Philadelphia on Thursday night, Biden echoed the views and urged supporters to vote against the GOP in November because it is currently being led, controlled, and frightened by Trump and the MAGA Republicans.

Over the past week, Biden has kept up the rhetoric.

At a gathering last week in Rockville, Maryland, President Joe Biden criticized Republicans of turning into the “party of semi-fascism” and took his criticism of the GOP a step further by asserting that Trump and the GOP were a threat to our own democracy in addition to individual liberties and financial security.

The country is currently witnessing either the beginning or the death knell of an aggressive MAGA agenda, according to Biden, who addressed the crowd of supporters at the rally in Rockville. America must make a decision.

According to Biden, there aren’t many genuine Republicans left these days. He also claimed that while he respects conservative Republicans, he has little love for MAGA Republicans.

Each of the 21 Democrats fighting for re-election in “toss-ups,” “lean,” and “likely Republican” districts was contacted by Fox News Digital and asked whether they shared Biden’s disdain for “MAGA Republicans” and whether they agreed with the president that Republicans pose a “danger” to democracy.

None of them gave an answer.

People in the audience enthusiastically applauded Biden’s statements since they related to them, but candidates in the purple parts of the country are declining to say whether they share his viewpoint or not.

The Biden administration came under fire earlier this week while previewing Biden’s address, which is scheduled for Thursday evening and is intended to forward his thesis about Republicans being a threat to democracy and freedom.

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