Biden States he Does Not See Trump Supporters as Danger to US

Photo credit; Reuters

On Friday, President Biden stated that he does not view any Donald Trump supporters as a “danger” to the United States, but he added that it is “wrong” that violence is not condemned when it is used for political purposes, Fox News informed.

The president responded to Fox News’ Peter Doocy’s query about Joe Biden’s views on all Trump supporters less than 24 hours after the vice president attacked “MAGA Republicans” in a speech.

In addition, he added, he does not believe anyone who advocates the use of violence, denies an election, or modifies the way votes are counted poses a threat to democracy. Biden stated that he does not see any Trump supporters as a danger to the nation.

That seems to go against what he said in his speech on Thursday, where he said that the GOP has attacked the ideas of “equality and democracy” in American politics.

He said in his speech on Thursday that everyone would lose if they pretended that equality and democracy weren’t under attack.

He added that it is undeniable that Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans now control, inspire, and frighten the Republican Party, which is dangerous for this nation.

He added in a tweet that Trump and the “MAGA Republicans” pose a threat to the nation’s very soul.

In his speech on Thursday, Biden also noted that not all Republicans—or even the majority of them—are supporters of Donald Trump.

He stated that not all Republicans adhere to their radical philosophy, and he is aware of this because he has had success working with moderate Republicans.

After receiving criticism for his address on Thursday night, Biden appeared to soften his position when questioned by Doocy on Friday.

The individuals who supported Donald Trump after the election, according to Biden, weren’t voting for an attack on the Capitol or to annul the results, but rather for the philosophy he advanced.

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