Numerous Gang Members and Criminal Illegal Immigrants Detained by Border Patrol

border patrol

This week, Border Patrol officials captured nearly two dozen gang members and felons, including sex offenders, in one overburdened area of the southern border, Fox News informed.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported the capture of 21 gang members, two sexual offenders, and three illegal aliens who had previous convictions for robbery and violence in a news release.

On August 27, agents in Roma found a member of the Salvadoran Tango Blast gang who had previously been convicted of aggravated robbery in the United States among a group of five unauthorized immigrants.

A day later, authorities apprehended a member of the Salvadoran 18th Street gang who had previously been convicted of aggravated homicide.

Agents in Brownsville detained a Mexican national on Monday after he was found guilty this year and given a two-year prison term for indecency and having sex with a minor.

How he was released was unclear.

Agents stopped a Guatemalan national who was wanted in Houston for indecency with a kid on the same day, close to Sarita, Texas.

Agents also found this week members of the Paisas and Sureno gangs, as well as a Sureno member with a history of escaping arrest and battery charges.

Separately, CBP reported that officers have detained 20 gang members connected to both the MS-13 and 18th Street gangs.

Agents of the Border Patrol have to cope with a sizable influx of migrants who cross the border each month.

With more over two million encounters with migrants thus far in fiscal year 2022, a new record was set in July with just under 200,000 encounters with migrants.

In the meantime, more than 500,000 illegal immigrants have eluded Border Patrol authorities this fiscal year, sparking worries that some of them may be criminals or members of gangs.

When questioned by lawmakers, FBI Director Christopher Wray did not expressly support the Biden administration’s claim that the border is “secure.”

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