Supreme Court Prevents Biden to Restore Immigration Enforcement Plans

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The Biden administration’s request to reinstate its immigration enforcement priorities was rejected by the Supreme Court on Thursday in a 5-4 decision although the justices agreed to hear the case later this year and will hear oral arguments in December.

The court’s liberal wing consisting of Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson, who had her first public action since being sworn in last month, was joined by justice Amy Coney Barrett in specifying they would have granted the request.

The court has rejected to stay the court order blocking the Department of Homeland Security from setting its guidelines to focus more on people posing a threat to national security and public safety.

Issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in September, the guidelines were part of the Biden administration’s effort to move away from the more aggressive approach to immigration enforcement enforced by former President Trump.

After the lower-court rulings, the Justice Department asked the Supreme Court for an emergency stay earlier this month, demanding that, if nothing else, the ruling take effect only in the two states that brought the legal challenge – Texas and Louisiana.

The Justice Department’s filing written by Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar underscored that the ruling is disrupting DHS’s efforts to focus its limited resources only on the noncitizens who pose the gravest threat to national security, public safety, and the integrity of US borders.

The filing also said that the judgment is thwarting Mayorkas’ direction of the Department he leads.

Previously on Wednesday, Mayorkas’ claim during his speech at the Aspen Security Forum that the southern border is “secure”, has been rejected by multiple Border Patrol agents that are on the frontlines of the historic migrant crisis struggling to cope with the overwhelming numbers- more than 207,000 migrant encounters in June alone- they’re facing.

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