Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone

Leaks directly from Apple show the company has some radical plans to reinvent the iPhone, but now new information tells us exactly how, Forbes informs.

Thanks to a new leak from Ice Universe, a Samsung-specialist who nevertheless has a very solid Apple track record, the iPhone is going to be heavily redesigned. But probably not how you imagined.

Ice Universe states Apple will remove the notch from its iPhones, but the plan is not to replace it with a full screen. Instead, Apple will use the same polarising ‘punch hole’ design Samsung has recently launched on its midrange Galaxy A8s and will expand to its upcoming 10th-anniversary Galaxy S10, Forbes adds.

The punch hole certainly gives users more screen space, but the asymmetrical nature of it deviates from Apple’s typical approach. That said, Apple’s biggest display provider is Samsung and we know its Under Panel Sensors (essential for creating truly bezel-less phones) are not ready yet.

A further dampener is Ice Universe says Apple will not move to the punch hole until 2020. Why is unknown, but with Samsung focused on introducing the tech across all premium Galaxy models, it may simply be a case of Apple being forced to wait in line. After all, iPhones are only getting Samsung’s 2018 Y-OCTA technology next year.

Meanwhile, the company is set to start building its high-end iPhone models in India in early 2019, with the company partnering with the local branch of Foxconn (which already handles a huge chunk of Apple’s existing iPhone manufacturing), according to a report from CNBC.

While Apple has been assembling iPhones in India since 2017, beginning with the iPhone SE and followed by the iPhone 6S earlier this year, the newly reported Foxconn partnership would see newer and more expensive iPhones, like the iPhone X, start to be assembled in India as well, The Verge reported.

In recent years, the Indian government has put in place high tariffs on imported smartphones, while also offering cheaper import rates on smartphone parts in order to encourage manufacturers to build devices in India and drive the country’s manufacturing business.

Avoiding those high tariffs is the reason Apple started building the iPhone SE and 6S in India. And while the older phones still haven’t been a runaway success, it seems Apple is willing to try a similar strategy with its more feature-filled high-end models.

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