President Says Second Meeting with North Korea’s Leader May Happen Soon

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he received another “great” letter from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, adding that the White House was working to set up a second meeting between them in the near future.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, President Trump also said that had it not been for him, “you’d be having a nice big fat war in Asia,” emphasizing there was no need to hurry nuclear talks with Pyongyang.

“I’m not in any rush. I don’t have to rush. All I know is there’s no rockets, there’s no testing,” he said, referring to North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests.

Trump further noted that he watched Kim’s New Year speech, pointing out that he has been told North Korea’s leader “wants to denuclearize and a lot of good things are happening,” Reuters reports.

“They really do want to do something. Now, does that mean it’s going to be done? Who knows? A deal’s a deal, you never know, but I tell you, we’ve established a very good relationship with North Korea,” Trump added.

The President also didn’t fail to mention that a second summit between him and the North Korean leader could happen “in the not-so-distant future.”

During their first meeting which took place in Singapore in June, Kim vowed to begin the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but little progress has been made since then. In his televised New Year speech, Kim stressed he was ready to meet the U.S. president again, but warned he may take a “new path” if U.S. sanctions and pressure continued.

President Trump further said on Wednesday that the talks between him and Kim and the vows made helped avert a world war.

“That was going to be a war – there could have been a World War Three, to be honest with you … And instead, we have somebody who I really think wants to get on to economic development and making a lot of success and money, frankly, for his country,” he told reporters.

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