Israeli Airstrikes near Damascus Killed Three Syrian Soldiers

Three soldiers were killed and at least seven others injured on Thursday night in the alleged Israeli airstrikes that targeted sites near Damascus belonging to the Syrian military and pro-Iranian militias.

According to a military source cited by Syrian state news agency SANA, Syrian air defenses were activated shortly after midnight on Friday in response to an act of Israeli aggression in the vicinity of the capital.

The airstrikes also caused some material damage although Syrian air defense systems reportedly managed to intercept some of the missiles.

Initial reports from the Syrian Capital Voice news site say the four strikes targeted a temporary storage warehouse in the town of Hujeira belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The warehouse was situated in the Iranian-built Colonel Haitham Suleiman Complex, south of Damascus, that was also hit in one of the strikes, causing large numbers of casualties among Hezbollah militants who were later transferred to the Imam Sadr Hospital in nearby Set Zaynab.

Opposition media, on the other hand, reported that the target of the air strikes was a drones-manufacturing factory in Set Zaynab and an Iranian militants’ gathering nearby, during which at least 10 of the militants were killed.

Despite Israeli officials usually remaining silent on specific airstrikes in Syria, Israeli Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai confirmed on Friday morning that the IDF operated in Syria the previous night as part of Israel’s continuing efforts to protect its security interests.

The Israeli government argues that it has the right to preemptive self-defense against Iran, which has acknowledged sending military aid to Damascus.

A senior IRGC official named Yadollah Khedmati, who was allegedly interrogated by Mossad, also confessed to transferring weapons to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen as part of his role in the Logistics Wing of the IRGC.

During the previous alleged Israeli drone strike in Quneitra over two weeks ago, a Syrian militant working with the Syrian Army was killed and less than a week before that strike, an alleged Israeli airstrike targeting sites near Tartus wounded two Syrian civilians.

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