US Lawmakers Question Putin’s Mental Health

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s seclusion during the pandemic, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, may be influencing his decision-making as he continues his murderous assault of Ukraine, Fox News informed.

Following not just his decision to launch a full-fledged assault into Ukraine, but also an address he delivered claiming his military ambitions were greater than those of Kyiv, lawmakers have increasingly questioned Putin’s mental health.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio remarked on Twitter this week, questioning Putin’s sanity saying that he thinks that something is not right with Putin.

Psaki declined to comment on Putin’s mental health, but noted that it has become evident that the Kremlin’s leader is working outside of international norms.

Despite Moscow’s enormous military buildup in the push to its attack this week, Ukrainian soldiers have held off Russian troops for four days.

Top NATO allies like Germany have dropped their objections to harsh retaliatory measures like disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT international banking system, and Psaki stated on Saturday that sanctions had hit 80 percent of Russia’s financial industry.

Psaki said that the measures announced on Saturday cut Russia from the global community’s banking system. She also said that this makes very hard for the Russian President and his government to do business and also expand their military reserves.

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