Trump Warns of World War If Tensions amid Russia’s Invasion Increase

Former President Donald Trump cautioned that Russia’s multi-front attack of Ukraine might lead to “global war,” telling Fox News Digital that the Biden administration will need to “do a lot more than simply sanctions” to deter the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Fox News informed.

In the exclusive interview, the former president stated that Russia’s attack on Ukraine “never should have occurred.” Trump was interviewed on the margins of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Saturday.

“I have no message,” the former president remarked when asked whether he had any message for Putin.

Trump said that it is a shame that this had happened, and that it is a thing that it should not have happened.

The former president also warned that this could spread very easily to other areas in the world and other countries could become part of the conflict which opens the door for world war.

Trump added that this period is a dangerous one for the United States and the nation.

Just before the interview, the US, Canada, and other European allies unveiled major sanctions against Russia, including the exclusion of “selected” Russian banks from the SWIFT financial system.

In response to the sanctions set in motion, Trump said that global powers will have to do much more than just introduce sanctions.

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