Latino Leader Claims Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee to Promote Woke Agenda

Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on pending US judicial nominations on Capitol Hill in Washington

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, has relentlessly promoted a “woke agenda,” according to the leader of a conservative Latino group, Fox News informed.

The president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, Alfonso Aguilar, stated for Fox News Digital that, she has shown that she is ready to use her radical left views in her work.

Aguilar also said that although nobody questions her knowledge of the law and intelligence but there’s a need for balance in the branches of government, and activists are not needed  in the SCOTUS, nor their ideology needs to be consulted when they are making a decision.

Alfonso Aguilar was also part of the second Bush Administration and is now promoting conservative views and positions in the Latino community. He added that Hispanic residents need to be aware of the fact that US President Biden has chosen to pick someone who promotes the woke agenda and will stand by it even when in court.

Biden named Jackson to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court on Friday, completing a campaign promise to appoint a Black woman to the highest court.

Jackson, who is 51, presently serves on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where Biden nominated her to replace Attorney General Merrick Garland less than a year ago.

She is a Harvard Law School graduate who clerked for Breyer.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly, a conservative Hispanic organization, also slammed Biden’s Supreme Court pick, issuing a statement condemning “targeted discrimination.”

Democrats, according to the group, fail to see that minorities do not want special treatment, but rather to be treated with decency and respect as equals.

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