Iran: US Sanctions Do Not Affect Independent Nations

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said that US sanctions and threats do not affect the will of the independent and freedom-seeking peoples of the world, Iranian media informed.

Raisi congratulated Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on his re-election in a telephone call, stressing the importance of strengthening and deepening ties between the two countries.

“Iran and Nicaragua have vast potential in the political, economic and social spheres, and political and economic officials of the two countries can use this potential for the benefit of the development and well-being of two friendly peoples,” he said.

Stressing that US sanctions and threats do not affect the will of the world’s independent states, the Iranian president said that the system of domination could not impose its will on the Islamic Republic of Iran and Nicaragua.

Raisi stressed that these two countries rely on the support of the people to “resist the extravagance of the hegemonic states.”

Raisi said that despite the obstacles and problems, the Iranian nation did not stop and will not stop its progress in the future. He expressed the hope that Nicaragua will also overcome the American threat and sanctions.

For his part, Nicaraguan President Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra called for strengthening bilateral ties, noting: “We are confident that both states, together with other countries of the world that are fighting imperialism, will move forward. We will succeed. “

Ortega also said that his country supports Iran at all international platforms, advocating the sovereignty of the Iranian people and the fundamental right of the Iranians in the negotiations in Vienna.

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