China Not Afraid of Confrontation With US, Foreign Minister Says

Although Beijing calls for mutually beneficial cooperation and respectful dialogue, it would not shy away from a confrontation with the United States should it happen, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed on Monday.

Sino-American relations are in a downward spiral in light of the US officials’ diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics after Washington has accused China of human rights violations against Muslim minorities and continues to ramp up allegations of China’s responsibility for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beijing has repeatedly called for Washington not to interfere in its internal affairs and dismissed accusations of human rights abuses as well as allegations regarding China’s involvement in the COVID pandemic.

Speaking at the 2021 International Situation and Chinese Diplomacy Symposium, Wang underlined that a range of disagreements between Beijing and Washington stems from the strategic misjudgments of the US, where some people are unwilling to recognise that other countries have the right to develop and seek to supress Beijing.

Wang pointed that if a confrontation arises, China will not fear it and will fight to the end, noting that the dialogue should be equal and the cooperation should be mutually beneficial for Beijing to welcome it. He also expressed hope that Washington will win the trust of others by fulfilling its commitments and will explore the peaceful coexistence with China.

Meanwhile, US media outlets have been fueling concerns regarding China’s military and technological advances – particularly in the development of hypersonic weapons- but majority of American voters believe that the two sides will avoid military conflict despite the simmering tensions.

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