Trump Appears Unnerved as Jan. 6 Attack Investigation Closes In

Former President Donald Trump appears to be increasingly unnerved, agitated, and anxious. The reason? He may soon be implicated in the Capitol attack investigation. 

Sources familiar with the matter have told news outlets that Trump is becoming angrier about the House select committee’s investigation into the deadly January 6 insurrection on the Capitol, due to the fact he might be implicated soon. 

In the past few weeks, Trump has complained even more than normally about the investigation.

His former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows recently shared material about the insurrection with the House committee, leading Trump to lash out and demand to know why Meadows shared so much. He also has demanded to know why dozens of other aides have cooperated with the House committee. 

His list of grievances does not end there. Trump is angered that aides have invoked the Fifth Amendment in their depositions in the House, claiming it makes them look “weak” and “complicit.” He has told his associates that he sees the aides as foolish for not copying the response of former strategist Steve Bannon. Bannon has completely ignored all subpoenas. 

Trump’s anger mirrors previous instances where he was explosive on certain issues, including the Russia inquiry. Former and current aides close to Trump paint him as “unmoored” and backed into a corner by the ongoing investigation, as it closes in on him and his posse. 

The House committee’s investigation is looking into how much Trump and his top aides were involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection on the Capitol, including how they unlawfully conspired to halt the legitimate certification of Joe Biden’s victory. 

Those close to the investigation have said that they are gathering new evidence continuously showing Trump’s culpability. 

Trump maintains in public that he is innocent, and his associates claim they are not worried. However, the increasingly hostile rhetoric and demands to silence aides paint Trump as worried to say the least. 

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