Protester Interrupts Kamala Harris While She Gave Speech in the Bronx

Kamala Harris
Image credit: EPA

A protester interrupted Vice President Kamala Harris’s speech in the Bronx, by shouting things about climate change, drowning, and the right of infrastructure, Fox News informed.

Harris immediately responded that he is right, saying that they should talk about that.

Then the protester started asking the Vice President about China’s Belt and Road Initiative, although it was very hard to get a hold of what was the aim of this question.

Harris then responded that they will continue this discussion after she finishes her comments.

After that, the security sent the man out of the conference room, while Harris was speaking that everyone gets the chance to say something in order for their voice to be heard.

Other people in the crowd cheered after the man was escorted out of the room.

Harris was making comments about the Build Back Better agenda, which was estimated to reach $1.9 trillion by US President Joe Biden.

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