Border Patrol Investigation Still Ongoing, DHS Confirms

The investigation on the Border Patrol agents on horses who turned away migrants from Haiti is still ongoing, although officials said it will take days to conclude it, Fox News informed.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas vowed that the probe would only last days and not weeks, not after a month the investigation is still running and not settled.

Mayorkas in September said that the probe will be conducted thoroughly but also very quickly and that it will be finished in days if not weeks.

A DHS spokesperson on Friday told Fox News that the probe is still not completed and that the department is still committed for it to be independent, thorough, and objective. The official also said that they believe in transparency and that once the probe is completed they will immediately release the results.

The controversy started after images of agents on horses turning away migrants from Haiti in the Del Rio riverine have emerged on social media. First comments said that the border patrol agents used whips to deter the migrants from entering the US, but later this claim turned out to be false.

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