GOP’s Youngkin Promises to Ban Critical Race Theory if Elected for Governor of Virginia

Glenn Youngkin, the GOP candidate for governor of Virginia stated on Saturday that if he gets elected he will work towards banning the critical race theory being taught at schools, once he assumes the position, Fox News informed.

Youngkin’s comment arrived as he was speaking about the improvements he would implement in the education segment if he is elected as a governor.

Youngkin spoke to his supporters at a rally saying that education begins with a curriculum and that all history, including the good and the bad parts, will be included in this curriculum.

Youngkin added that the US is the greatest country in the world and has some fabulous history chapters, but also there are other important parts that are needed to be taught to young people, noting that not everything taught to children should be viewed through a racial perspective.

Youngkin mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King citing that he taught the people should judge each other only by the content of their characters and not the skin color. Therefore, he will ban the critical race theory once he assumes the gubernatorial position.

According to a poll conducted by Fox News, the majority of Virginia parents said that they should have a say in what schools should teach to their children, amid controversies over the critical race theory and some transgender policies.

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