Pelosi Donors who Are Part of the Presidio National Park Trust Board to Recieve $200 Million from Taxpayers


Several donors of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are on the trust board of a national park in the San Francisco District that is set to receive around $200 million from taxpayers, Fox News informed.

The $200 million that is earmarked for the Presidio National Park are part of the proposed $3.5 trillion spending legislation by House Democrats, which has been fiercely criticized by GOP members.

The Presidio Trust has a role to oversee the national park, and according to the legislation, the trust must be financially self-sustainable.

Several Democratic donors who have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Pelosi’s efforts are part of the trust board.

According to Pelosi’s spokesperson Drew Hammill, the park is before the board members and that the National Park was a hallmark of Pelosi’s congressional career.

Hammill also slammed the opinion that these donors are part of the board is related to the proposal for the park to earmark $200 million, adding that this is a made-up story.

Another spokesperson for Pelosi stated that Pelosi has long worked towards preserving the Presidio National Park after the United States Army closed it in 1994.

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