Psaki Defends Biden’s Unwillingness to Visit Southern Border

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary of the White House made an attempt to defend US President Joe Biden on Friday for his unwillingness to visit the southern border of the US, Fox News informed.

As a reference, Psaki used a one-decade old trip President Biden took to that region as proof for his familiarity with the problems there.

The White House Correspondent from Fox News, Peter Doocy asked the Press Secretary why did Biden say that he has visited the border during Thursday’s night town hall with CNN.

Psaki said that Biden drove through the border on his campaign trail in 2008 and he is aware of the issues that exist there.

However, she did say that what is important is that Joe Biden has worked on these problems through the entirety of his career and is quite familiar with the immigration system of the United States, which includes the issues with the borders.

The Press Secretary also made an attempt to stand in defense of the President’s understanding of the immigration system of the US by saying that Biden doesn’t need to travel to the southern border to know what a mess the last administration made.

After she was pressed by the Fox News Correspondent whether that can be counted as a visit, Psaki started questioning what is the cause for this migration and from where are all these people coming.

Psaki pointed out that all of the people who are coming to the southern border are from Mexico and Central America, and that Joe Biden has visited these countries several times in order to discuss the border issues.

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