Pentagon Informs Taliban Forces Released Thousands of ISIS-K Prisoners

The Pentagon stated that thousands of prisoners, who are members of the ISIS-K were released by the Taliban forces in the wake of their takeover of Afghanistan in the period before the bombing that happened at the Kabul airport, Fox News informed.

The suicide bombing that occurred near the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul killed 13 US military members on Thursday.

John Kirby, the spokesperson for Pentagon held a press briefing where he answered the question by Jennifer Griffin from Fox News who asked about the number of prisoners that were let go from prison in Bagram, Afghanistan, and why the prisoners were not removed before the military was pulled out.

Kirby responded that he does not know the right number but said that because of the fact Taliban forces took over both prisons the number moves around the thousands, but a precise figure could not be issued at the moment.

ISIS-K, a local branch of the Islamic State of Iraq network, is allegedly behind the suicide bombing attack at the Kabul airport on Thursday.

The former ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism who served under former President Donald Trump, said that the prisoners from ISIS-K who were recently released have a contribution to the bombing in Kabul.

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