DOJ Opens New Position to Help Improve Diversity in the Legal Branch

The Justice Department has made an opening for a new position in order to improve diversity among employees in the US legal department, Fox News informed.

According to the posting for this position, a Chief Diversity Officer is set to join the Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Administration, and Human Resources, and this person’s role would be to coordinate and lead the Department’s inclusion, equity, diversity, and accessibility in the federal branch.

The salary that is advertised for this position amounts to $144,128 to $172,500 per year.

It is still not clear why the new role has been added or whether it resulted from the new executive order signed by President Joe Biden earlier in the summer.

The order set to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in the federal branch was signed by Biden in June.

In June, the White House said that the order is aimed at establishing an ambitious initiative that will have a systematic approach in embedding the DEIA in the practices of hiring of the federal branch.

The White House also added that the government is much more successful and effective when the public servants are reflective of the community they serve.

The newly selected Chief Diversity officer will have the obligation to ensure DEIA to be a top priority in the Justice Department, but will also be a channel for accountability in the entire department.

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