President Biden Holds Meeting with Israel’s Bennett after Kabul Bombing

US President Joe Biden met with the new Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Friday, after 24 hours has passed from the suicide bombings in Kabul, Fox News informed.

The meeting between the president and the prime minister was initially set to be held on Thursday but was postponed due to the Kabul airport attack.

At the meeting, both Biden and Bennett mentioned the brave sacrifice made by the 13 US military members that were killed in the suicide bombing at the Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul.

Biden stated that his heart goes out to those whose lives were lost, but that the mission is still a worthy one. The president also said that he held a meeting with the commanders on Friday in order to be briefed the details of the attack, vowing the the mission will be completed.

Bennett who replaced Benjamin Netanyahu and assumed the position as Israeli Prime Minister, praised the relations between US and Israel, assuring that the Middle East country is always on the side of US.

In addition, Biden vowed that the US restore the Iron Dome, the defense rocket system of Israel, while Iran is pursuing efforts to become a nuclear world power.

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