Pentagon Says that US Drone Airstrike in Afghanistan Killed ISIS-K Planner

The United States military conducted a drone attack against the alleged ISIS-K planner after a suicide bomber has killed 13 US soldiers and at least 70 Afghans at the Kabul Airport, Fox News informed.

The Spokesman for the US Central Command, Bill Urban said that the military forces performed a counterterrorism operation on Friday against the ISIS-K planner. The drone strike was conducted in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan and the first indicator shows the target was killed without any civilian casualties.

According to Fox News, the drone attacked a vehicle that carried an ISIS-K leader who reportedly was planning on conducting future terrorist attacks.

It is yet to be found out whether this planner had a part in the suicide attack at the Kabul airport the occurred on Thursday, which killed 13 American soldiers and left 20 others wounded.

Fox News also reported that the planner from ISIS-K was accompanied by an associate.

According to the official, the drone airstrike was performed several hours ago near the border with Pakistan.

The airstrike arrives one day after the suicide bombing, reportedly performed by the ISIS-K, that targeted the Kabul Airport where thousands of US citizens and Afghans are gathering in order to flee the country due to the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden is faced with backlash after 13 US soldiers were killed in the Kabul airport terrorist attack, with calls for his resignation and impeachment.

Moreover, the news that the United States provided the Taliban forces, the names of US citizens, and Afghan allies that will be evacuated stirred even bigger outrage.

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