US Embassy in Kabul Issues Second Alert for Americans to Avoid Airport Gates due to Security Threats

The US Embassy in Kabul revealed a second alert for US citizens on Friday, advising them not to go near the Hamid Karzai airport and avoid the gates due to some “security threats” in Afghanistan, Fox News informed.

The alert which was almost the same as the first one, Embassy states that due to security threats at the airport in Kabul, US citizens need to stay away from it and from the gates of the airport.

The difference in this new alert is that the US Embassy mentions the area near the gate of the New Ministry of Interior which US citizens should immediately flee or avoid. The alert mentions the East gather, Abbey gate, North gate, and the New Ministry of Interior gate as places of high risk that should be avoided or fled.

The embassy also warned US citizens in Afghanistan to be aware of the surroundings at any given time, especially when they are in large crowds, and always follow the measures and instructions given by the local authorities about restrictions or curfews.

The US Embassy, earlier this week issue a very similar alert for Americans in the South Asian country, who were trying to escape from the country by any means, calling them to not go near the airport gates except if they receive instructions to do that from the government representatives.

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