Florida Circuit Judge Rules Against DeSantis Order on School Mask Mandates

A judge in Florida rejected the ban on school mask mandates that Governor Ron DeSantis imposed, saying that the GOP governor had violated his authority, Fox News informed.

John Cooper, a Leon County Circuit Judge ruled that the order of DeSantis is unconstitutional and said that the Florida governor cannot impose it. The judge’s ruling is a win for the several parents who filed the lawsuit.

DeSantis’ executive order gave power to parents to make a decision whether their children will wear face coverings to school instead of allowing the local school districts to make that decision.

The judge claimed that the executive order of DeSantis does not have legal authority.

The school boards across ten districts had voted against this order, deciding to require face coverings due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and they were faced with holdback of salaries.

The Biden administration vowed to provide federal funds for all the districts that lost money due to this issue.

Judge Cooper argued that the actions of the government that are necessary for the protection of public health are exempt from Florida’s “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” that DeSantis claimed that the parents have the final authority.

Cooper stated that the decision of the school district to require face coverings for students in order to prevent the Covid-19 spread is within that exemption.

In the two-hour hearing that was performed online due to a surge of new Covid-19 cases from the new Delta variant, Cooper said that the new law does not even ban face coverings at all, adding that a parental opt-out is not required in the mask mandate policies.

According to FOX 13 of Tampa, the judge issued an injunction against state education board over the order’s enforcement.

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