White House Press Secretary Takes Time off from Office, while Biden is Still Silent over Ongoing Situation in Afghanistan

Jen Psaki press

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary is set to take a break from work in the wake of controversial silence by the US President Joe Biden, who is on vacation while the Taliban forces are slowly taking over the country of Afghanistan, Fox News informed.

According to Fox News, after sending an e-mail with questions to Jen Psaki on Sunday they have received an auto-reply back which said that the Press Secretary would be off from the next week.

Fox News made a second attempt on Sunday Evening but received the same auto-reply message.

The email message reveals that she will be off from August 15th until August 22nd, and directs press agencies to contact other officials while she is out.

Her absence comes at a period in which President Biden is constantly slammed for vacationing while the Taliban forces are slowly taking over the control over Afghanistan, and even reaching Kabul, the capital city in order to seize the presidential building, all this with a very rapid pace that caught the White House unprepared for such a scenario.

Biden did not make any comment on the matter, for which he was harshly criticized by many opponents.

Jim Banks, a veteran from the Navy who also served in Afghanistan took to Twitter to ask the President where he is while the situation was deteriorating in the Asian country on Sunday.

In the meantime, the White House only emerged with a picture that shows that President Biden is briefed on the recent occurrence in Afghanistan by some senior officials.

The White House sent a Tweet saying that both the President and Vice President held meetings with their teams for national security in order to be briefed about the drawdown of US civil staffers in Afghanistan, the evacuation of the SIV applicants as well as other Afghan allies, and the overall situation that is currently unfolding in the Asian country.

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