US Prepares Military Installations for Surge of Afghanistan Refugees

The Defense Department is ready to start an immediate housing of thousands of refugees from Afghanistan on US military capacities, Fox News informed.

According to some documents that Fox News has managed to obtain, DoD is planning to potentially relocate around 30,000 SIV applicants from Afghanistan into the US in the near future.

The documents also claim that the occurrences in Afghanistan might lead the State Department to start accepting SIV applicants from the Asian country to be relocated to some temporary location and housing while they overgo the process to obtain a parolee status.

The locations that will be used are Fort Bliss in Texas and Fort McCoy in Wisconsin.

John Kirby, a Spokesperson for Pentagon said for Fox News that they want fully prepared to relocate several thousand right away and be also ready for tens of thousands.

Kirby moved on to say that McCoy and Bliss are the most suitable for this operation and that with a little bit of work, the forts could even increase the capacities in a very short time.

This move is a reversal from the previous policy of the Biden administration.

On July 8, US President Joe Biden spoke to Jacqui Heinrich from Fox News, saying that the government of US will not be able to relocate Afghan translators to the United States to wait for their visas to be processed like some of the immigrants that wait on the southern border.

Biden said that the law is clear on that process and that that is the reason why they requested US Congress to consider amending the law.

The Pentagon Spokesperson also said that US citizens will not be evacuated with priority over the Afghan SIV applicants.

He continued that once more airlift is engaged, they will try to put as many as possible on the planes, and despite the US citizens, there will also be Afghan SIV applicants as well.

Kirby also stated that they will put their main focus on evacuating people and then sorting the things out at the next stop, adding they will not prioritize anyone and they will get as many people as possible out of the country.

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